SpringFour Co-Founder and CEO, Rochelle Gorey, recently dropped in on the new podcast, “The Broad Cast”. Host Becky Carroll brought together Rochelle, Jessica Williams, Co-Facilitator of 1871’s WiSTEM Program, and fellow WiSTEM grad Tiffany Mikell, CEO/CTO of AerialSpaces.

“The Broad Cast” in a new monthly podcast launched by C-Strategies, that features women making an impact on Chicago and their communities through business, civic engagement, and other means. On this episode the women discussed the WiSTEM program, women founders, and supporting women in tech. Topics covered include how women are still underrepresented in STEM, with women holding only 24% of STEM jobs, and how WiSTEM aided in helping SpringFour and AerialSpaces to grow.

Rochelle talked about how WiSTEM has been great in a variety of ways including ”giving exposure to women founders and CEOs” and building a strong group of women founders in STEM to support and collaborate. SpringFour definitely saw the benefits of participating in the program, having had a fantastic 2017, and continuing to build a great network. Rochelle also shared her unique path to STEM; seeing a problem and wanting to solve it and help people in financial distress led to SpringFour. “I see technology as a way to get where you want to go. If you have a vision you can create the right technology to get you to your goal.”

We were really excited to be a part of the podcast. Listen to the full episode here.

Photo: Tiffany Mikell, Becky Carroll, Rochelle Gorey, and Jessica Williams

Katie Gottschall Donohue, Vice President, Strategy and Operations

SpringFour, Inc.