SpringFour WBE Certified

SpringFour WBE Certified

SpringFour WBE Certified



Earlier this year, SpringFour became officially certified as a Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE). While we have been majority women-owned and operated since we were founded in 2005, we hadn’t previously pursued certification.  With guidance from the Women’s Business Development Center of Chicago, we set about to gain this important certification. This was important to us and to our clients who are proud to support a woman-led company and increase their supplier diversity.

We are proud to be a majority woman-owned business. This certification provides recognition of being a woman led company. It also provides a way to connect to a community of women-owned businesses and a community of shared learning and support.

In a time where women are gaining ground in elections and showing up more in executive suites and boardrooms, we are even more inspired to share our story. When Rochelle founded the company in 2005 she had an idea of wanting to easily connect people with great local nonprofit and government resources that could help them financially. She saw what unscrupulous actors were doing in communities and she wanted people to know who could be trusted and how they could find help. So, along with co-founder Dr. J. Michael Collins, she set about to build the technology to do so. As a female entrepreneur in a word of tech startups, her story is unique, and the WBE certification provides recognition of that accomplishment.

Katie Gottschall Donohue

Vice President, Strategy and Customer Engagement, SpringFour Inc.

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