Q4 2023 Impact Report: A look inside our Q4 impact

Q4 2023 Impact Report: A look inside our Q4 impact

Q4 2023 Impact Report: A look inside our Q4 impact

We wrapped up our fourth quarter with a major success metric: 5.5 million.

That is the number of financial health referrals that consumers across the US accessed in 2023 through SpringFour — and that number is 25% more than the previous year. 

Here’s what this means: Financial health cannot merely be a buzzword or a branding strategy. Done properly, it can help people pay their bills, put food on the table, and keep the lights on — and helping people achieve that needs to be a priority for financial institutions, employers, nonprofits, and more that want to meet their customers’ financial health needs while strengthening their business.

In Q4, we predicted that financial education alone is out — and that financial resources that deliver real-time support are in, and with more organizations turning to SpringFour, we are already seeing our prediction come true.

That is why we launched an all-in-one financial health product called S4connect with expanded reporting and analytical capabilities, which is seeing demand from existing and new partners alike.

Please read our Q4 Impact Report to see Americans’ increased needs and how we are meeting them; media spotlights on our impactful work with top organizations, including BMO, Self, and OppFi; and more.

Thank you, as always, for your partnership,

Rochelle Nawrocki-Gorey

CEO & Founder, SpringFour

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