Our Resources Are the Difference


Our Resources Are the Difference


Resource Quality You Can Trust

Finding the right local resources is at the heart of what we do. SpringFour directs consumers to vetted nonprofit and government resources in their area to provide assistance in 25+ financial health categories. Our Resource Integrity team and proprietary resource portal ensure you can deliver the best financial resources to any customer and see results.


Resources are independently
reviewed and never sponsored.

Aligned with market trends

New categories are added as
customers’ needs change.

Vetted and accurate

All resources are reviewed frequently
and verified manually by our team.

Ready for feedback

Users can easily send feedback to
SpringFour within the platform.

Find A Solution Anywhere

Resources in 700+
Markets and Growing

Our nationwide coverage includes both local and statewide resources in cities, towns, and metro areas across all 50 states

Financial Health Support in 25+ Categories

Utility Savings

Financial assistance with gas, oil, electric, water, and other utilities.

Financial Counseling

Nonprofit credit, bankruptcy, and budget counseling as well as in-person and online financial education.

Food Savings

Local or national nonprofits that provide free or discounted food for those who qualify.


Job search planning, resume development, interview coaching, job lead databases, and retraining programs.

Prescription Savings

Free programs that reduce the cost of prescription medications, some offered by the drug companies, others by state and public agencies

Home Repairs

Local grant and loan programs to help with home repairs.


Clients who accept help have fewer future delinquencies, defaults and losses…we’ve quantified multi-million-dollar savings from avoiding losses for both consumers and BMO.

    Head of North America Collections

In an industry that at times has not prioritized the financial health of consumers, SpringFour is taking a different approach to banking. The company has taken on banks as clients, rather than simply raising capital from them, ensuring a customer-focused approach as well as guaranteeing stability through partnership—SpringFour currently has a 90% client retention rate.


SpringFour has been a great partner to Capital One, giving us the flexibility to explore different ways of integrating their resources into our experiences. The SpringFour team is thoughtful, responsive, timely, friendly and positive.

  Director of Mainstreet Financial Health Team


When we embarked on our partnership with SpringFour, we knew right away they were aligned with our social impact priorities. Now we're proud to share that in 2023, Oportun and SpringFour delivered more than 68,000 financial health referrals to Oportun members. With SpringFour, we're driving impact, helping lower-income families stay afloat, and putting our members confidently in control of their finances.

   S.V.P. Public Affairs and Impact

By connecting consumers to vetted financial resources, this B-Corp enables consumers to meet their financial objectives, reduce household expenses, and avoid payment delinquencies. It’s a win-win solution, and one that is much needed.

    Podcast Host

Our partnership with SpringFour has been extremely helpful to our customers and our business. Thanks to SpringFour, we are able to provide important resources to our customers based on their individual needs, which strongly aligns with our company's mission of improving the financial health of everyday Americans. The team at SpringFour is passionate and is constantly working hard to enhance our usage of their products.

  Director of Corporate Strategy, OppFi

SpringFour provides resources, information, and, it’s going to increase your bottom line by helping your collections. So, while I never really say this, I think every lender in the country should be using SpringFour or resources like it.

    Co-Founder and Chairman 

I honestly don't know how any counseling agency can do their job without SpringFour. This is the best tool you can give your counselors and coaches to help the families that reach out for assistance.

    President and CEO

Every day we use SpringFour because it gives our counselors the ability to address our clients' overall financial health. We use S4 with every client interaction so we can be sure to create meaningful, lasting impact on their financial lives. SpringFour referrals are key to reducing household expenses and when we do people are able to get back on track and even begin to save again.

    President and CEO

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