Code of Support Foundation Latest Organization to Start Using MKDesktop

Today, we announced that the Code of Support Foundation (COSF) will now use our MKDesktop application to help connect veterans and military families with local support. We have all seen the news and know that veterans face an increasingly difficult time when they return home. Just last month, COSF shared with us a story about a National Guard member that was experiencing health problems and was unable to work. His wife called seeking help because she was faced with the difficult situation of choosing between paying the mortgage payment and feeding her family. With MKDesktop, COSF was able to identify food assistance for this family and they were able to make their mortgage.

This is a win-win for all of us. At MK, we’ve developed the technology and the data that can help veterans and the organizations that assist them. Real resources that can deliver much needed services like help with utility bills, food and prescription drug costs and employment resources can be delivered quickly to Code of Support clients. This helps boosts the efficiency of COSF staff and allows them to provide truly comprehensive services to their constituents, many whom are seeking help for complex issues. We hope that by working together we can help create positive outcomes for our veterans and their family members.

You can read more about the partnership in the press release here.