Empathy First: SpringFour featured in American Banker and CX Leader Podcast

Empathy First: SpringFour featured in American Banker and CX Leader Podcast

Empathy First: SpringFour featured in American Banker and CX Leader Podcast

At SpringFour, we know this: An empathy-first strategy drives business results. Today, with inflation and a possible recession looming, financial institutions are working with SpringFour to put empathy front and center. Keeping empathy at the heart of what we do is critical to our success and the success of the brands that choose to use SpringFour. 

We’re thrilled to share that SpringFour is at the forefront of this critical movement with our empathy-first strategy spotlighted in American Banker and CX Leader podcast. Plus, we’re releasing a new empathy-driven product to meet businesses’ growing needs. Scroll down for more details. 

SpringFour’s Empathy-First Strategy in the News

“An empathy-first attitude that actively looks for ways to support customers in need will allow more people to return to financial stability, and build long-term positive relationships with their banks.”

Rochelle Nawrocki-Gorey

CEO & Founder, SpringFour

How an Empathy-First Strategy Creates Business Results

Together with SpringFour, financial institutions of all sizes are embedding empathy-first strategies across their lines of business — and it’s working. Empathy enables organizations to demonstrate an understanding of their consumers’ needs and deliver solutions that empower financial health while increasing repayment rates, delivering positive borrower experiences and outcomes, improving NPS scores, adding brand value, and more. 

Financial stress is a uniquely human experience, and it needs a uniquely human solution – one that erases the stigma of delinquency and empowers financial health. 

We know that innovative solutions can and should provide an equitable, empathy-first path forward. That’s why we continually respond to consumer and market needs with solutions that can truly make a difference for organizations. 

Introducing: SpringFour’s new financial health solution

We’ve listened to what companies and their customers want today — and we’ve delivered. To make it possible for financial institutions to deploy an empathy-driven strategy, we’re excited to release a brand new all-in-one, enterprise financial health solution.  If you’re interested in beginning or expanding your partnership with SpringFour, please reach out to us at impact@springfour.com.

“Look for ways to insert empathy into everything that you do, because when you do, it will come back to you in spades.”

Rochelle Nawrocki-Gorey

CEO & Founder, SpringFour

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