Why We Come to Work

Every once in a while, a story comes across the collective MortgageKeeper desk that reminds us why we do what we do.

We’ve heard a few great stories recently. One is below. It was shared by a foreclosure counselor in San Francisco who used MortgageKeeper’s vetted, localized data to help a struggling homeowner in another part of the country.

Hope you enjoy it.

A homeowner (“Sue”) was referred to a food bank in her area and also received one-time assistance on her energy bill which helped her catch up on other past due expenses that month. Her monthly budget now has a surplus of a few hundred dollars and she has started building an emergency savings fund. She didn’t have a fund prior to her mortgage crisis, but now realizes this is an important priority. She’s continuing to pursue the referrals she received for prescription drug assistance to see if she might qualify for regular assistance from a local agency.

In the words of her housing counselor:

“As a new counselor, I’m often hesitant to believe that my recommendations can make any meaningful impact on my clients’ lives, but after my 30-day follow-up call with one of my first clients, I realized that my clients not only listen to me but trust my expertise and rely on me to help them turn around their difficult situations. This client was so excited to let me know that she was taking advantage of the local referrals she got as a result of my [help]. Her voice exuded a relieved confidence as she realized she felt more in control of her finances and her future.”

Great News from MortgageKeeper!

We here at MortgageKeeper have taken great pains not to boast on our blog. But we are about to throw that out the window, just for today.

MortgageKeeper is profiled in this week’s column by Lew Sichelman. He writes on consumer real estate matters for United Feature Syndicate. It’s a perfect article, and we are thrilled that Lew honored us with a feature like this.

Here’s a look at this week’s column, as it appears in the Los Angeles Times.