Bringing Financial Health to Life

Today, we are excited to announce our new name.   MortgageKeeper is now known as SpringFour.

Why the name change?

When we started our company, we were intent on connecting homeowners who were behind on their mortgage and the companies servicing their loans with a technology solution that could efficiently and easily direct them to local resources that could help address the reason behind their delinquency. No one was doing this. Yet, we knew that hundreds of resources and helping organizations existed and were ready to help, so we built MortgageKeeper.

5.5 million referrals later and 9,000 resources in 175 cities, millions of families have been counseled and received referrals with our technology solution. Yet, we want to do more, help more. We’ve come to realize that our applications have a broader reach than homeowners and the mortgage industry, and so we are spreading our wings and entering new markets.

The name change reflects an exciting time of increased visibility in the financial technology sector, new products, and an expanded vision for the organization.

As we enter our next decade of service, our mission to help consumers find and receive the help they need for financial health remains the same. We will continue to offer innovative products and tools and expand our reach so that even more consumers receive assistance. We will do so under the new name, SpringFour.

At SpringFour, we will continue to be your trusted source for resources that allow consumers to achieve their goals-whether it’s sustaining homeownership, paying off student debt faster, weathering unemployment, finding affordable housing or health care, caring for an elderly parent, opening a savings account, or just spending less every month.

What’s not changing? Our vision to provide companies with technology solutions that allow them to help consumers work through financial challenges and secure financial health, along with our commitment to provide responsive, professional service to your organization. We will soon look a little different, but the 9,000 resources and functionality you’ve come to trust and use daily remains the same.

We have some exciting plans for the months ahead, including the launch of our mobile app, LifeKit.

Thank you for your partnership – together let’s bring financial health to life.