We have had an amazing year at SpringFour. We are thankful. It’ s a year in which we have seen new customers adopt our technology, and existing customers fully implement and see impressive result for their borrowers and their repayment rates. We’ve received a lot of outside validation that our work is important and significant. As a founder, I could not be more proud of our team and our impressive results. This year we are on pace to make more than 1 million referrals to financial health resources.

What does that tell us? More and more families are searching for ways to save money and need help meeting their monthly expenses. We believe that helping to route people to non profit and government resources is absolutely critical to helping people achieve better financial health. And it doesn’t have to be complicated.

Our technology makes it simple and easy for our subscribers to make referrals part of their workflow. For example, U.S Bank now uses SpringFour in every single interaction that they have with in their mortgage servicing operations. Why? Because it helps their customer service agents provide better customer service, it demonstrates to their borrowers that U.S. Bank is committed to helping them succeed, and it increases foreclosure prevention activities and drives better repayment rates. Simple steps that lead to significant results.

LendUp provides its borrowers with SpringFour referrals because they understand that if they want to get repaid; it’s in their best interest to help their borrowers reduce their household costs. And, the best part about it? Their borrowers are not only able to save money because of SpringFour referrals, they feel better about LendUp too. Borrowers who receive help from their lender feel better because their lender has made the effort to not just loan them money but has taken the time to understand that they might need help.

We are seeing more and more companies take an interest in financial health and looking for ways to help their customers or employees live better financial lives. Just today, Prudential had a full-page ad in the Business section of the Chicago Tribune urging employers to think about how to build better pathways to financial health and to join them in their work with the Aspen Institute.

That is very exciting for us at SpringFour. We’ve known for a long time that people’s financial lives can be complicated and messy. Typically, it’s not just one bill or issue that gets in the way of better credit scores, or staying current on their mortgage. That’s why we built the technology that allows our subscribers to address the root causes behind a person’s financial challenges and have over 30 different categories of resources available. Living paycheck to paycheck is complicated, but with SpringFour our resources make it simple to help people in times of need.

The SpringFour team works hard each and every day always certain to keep financial health at the forefront of every decision we make. Whether that’s adding new service categories as we understand the issues facing consumers or working on product enhancements and features that will drive engagement with our applications, we know that each decision must result in the ultimate goal of directing people to organizations, resources, and products that will help them achieve better financial health.

This year, we are especially thankful that more and more companies recognize that creating opportunities for financial health is best for everyone. And we are extremely grateful for those partners that we are already working with to help more and more families move beyond paycheck to paycheck.

Rochelle Nawrocki Gorey

Co-Founder & CEO