How many of you out there have purchased a new “widget,” only to find out two months (or two weeks…or two days) later, that your technology is no longer the latest and greatest thing on the planet?

Now imagine that you have 6,000 widgets. And your job is to keep all of them updated at all times. Sound like a job for a super hero?

Welcome to MortgageKeeper…with a database of 6,000 resources around the country and around the corner for struggling homeowners. We are only as good as our data. And our “secret sauce” is our data team, who keeps our current data up to date.

So what qualifies someone to research 6,000 community-based, nationally-based, or government agencies to determine if they are best in class? All members of our team have:

* a college education
* worked extensively for nonprofit organizations.
* experience with community organizing and education. (Yes, just like the President…)

Nearly all are published writers. Some have graduate school experience. Others work for top national universities. A few are fully bilingual (they make our MKEspanol–our database, translated into Spanish–a reality). One holds a U.S. patent. Another served in the Peace Corps. They live all over the United States. And they have a tenacious gift for finding and tracking down agencies that can make a huge difference to those who need financial or personal help.

But, sadly, they can’t leap tall buildings or fly invisible jets. At least, they don’t mention this in their resumes…

Got a question about how we keep our data up to date? Post it here…