Imagine you are a struggling homeowner–barely making ends meet. (An all-too-common scenario these days.)

You have three bills to pay this month:

Credit cards
Car loan

You can only afford to pay one of them. Which one do you choose?

(Insert Jeopardy theme music here….)

According to a recent article in the Minneapolis StarTribune, 39% would choose to pay their car loan–even if they were delinquent on the mortgage. The article cites the need for transportation to look for or keep a job as the reasoning. Also credit cards put food on the table and gas in the tank when income is down or you’re out of work. Thankfully, homeowners have options to avoid the tough question we’ve posed above. Local nonprofits and government agencies (found via MortgageKeeper) offer help with job searches, food, prescription drug costs, and utilities. So homeowners can find the breathing room they need to perhaps stay current on more than just their car. Credit counseling can also help reduce debt payments and build a sustainable budget. We are proud to say that we help people find the resources they need to stay afloat. And we do it 2,700 times a day.