We hope you are inspired by the following story of a family who received help through MortgageKeeper and is now back on the path to financial sustainability.

Established in 2005, MortgageKeeper helps consumers locate local services to assist them with daily financial challenges. With over 7,000 resources in all 50 states, MK makes over 1 million referrals per year. Consumers need to know where to turn to find help from reputable organizations and MK provides the tools to do so. From help with paying utility bills, student loan debt, food assistance, prescription drug costs, and employment resources, MK’s easy to use applications are making a difference in consumer’s lives.



Illinois parents raising four children are behind on countless bills, including their mortgage.


“John and Susan” were victims of the recession. John was forced into early retirement and Susan’s job was furloughed due to a government shutdown. With sporadic work and eight months delinquent on their mortgage, the “Smith” family had exhausted their savings and the phone rang constantly from companies seeking payment on unpaid bills. They also received scam offers to “help” reinstate their mortgage.

Humiliated and helpless, John searched “nonprofit, HUD-certified counseling agencies” and subsequently reached Beatriz Becerra, a nonprofit foreclosure counselor at Clearpoint Consumer Counseling Services in California.

Beatriz, who works with clients in hardship throughout the U.S. on a daily basis, first told John to be wary of foreclosure rescue scams and “consultants” that promise to “save your home” for an upfront fee.

The Belleville, IL, family began a loan modification process with their lender, but did not receive a loan workout or other type of financial assistance.


After a thorough counseling session, Beatriz provided the Smith family with referrals from MK Desktop including food assistance, heating and utility assistance, prescription drug assistance, home repair assistance, employment services and legal services.

With MK Desktop’s well-vetted referrals, the Smith family also received income tax assistance and senior services. But perhaps the greatest help for the Smith family was being able to access the Hardest Hit Fund, which pays a portion of a borrower’s mortgage while unemployed or substantially underemployed. Skeptical at first, John was able to bring his loan current through the assistance of the Hardest Hit Fund.

Beatriz said, “I would not be able to do my job without MK Desktop referrals. These helpful community resources give my clients some consolation that they are not alone in their hardship. Reputable help is out there to save homes and change lives.”