We hope you are inspired by the following story of a family who received help through MortgageKeeper and is now back on the path to financial sustainability.

Established in 2005, MortgageKeeper helps consumers locate local services to assist them with daily financial challenges. With over 7,000 resources in all 50 states, MK makes over 1 million referrals per year. Consumers need to know where to turn to find help from reputable organizations and MK provides the tools to do so. From help with paying utility bills, student loan debt, food assistance, prescription drug costs, and employment resources, MK’s easy to use applications are making a difference in consumer’s lives.



A retired widow caring for her disabled 35-year-old son faces a harsh reality. Should she pay for heat, purchase medicine, buy food or pay the mortgage?


“Jennifer”, a Elberton, GA, homeowner for 10 years, is on a fixed income and facing mounting debt due to a $400 electric bill, high food prices and $250 monthly medication costs for her and her son. When she reaches Jula Pereira, a counselor with the nonprofit Consumer Credit Counseling Service of San Francisco, she is crying and feeling lost and alone.

Counselor Jula calmly assesses Jennifer’s situation and reassures her that help may be available – not only to save her home, but to also help with life’s necessities.

Jennifer is skeptical but calls several of the resources her counselor recommends, figuring she has nothing else to lose.


MK Desktop’s data put Jennifer in touch with utilities assistance and access to a discount drug program that is saving her substantially on monthly prescriptions. Additionally, she now receives resources from a local food bank to supplement her $72-a-month food stamp allowance.

Jennifer also connected with Georgia’s Homesafe Program to explore eligibility for mortgage reinstatement assistance and Hardest Hit Funds.

Much to Jennifer’s surprise, by accessing local nonprofit resources in Northeast Georgia, she reduced her expenses by more than $400 monthly, and is eligible for a loan workout with her lender. Now, instead of fear and uncertainty, she sees possibilities – thanks to foreclosure intervention counseling and MK resources.