We hope you are inspired by the following story of a family who received help through MortgageKeeper and is now back on the path to financial sustainability.

Established in 2005, MortgageKeeper helps consumers locate local services to assist them with daily financial challenges. With over 7,000 resources in all 50 states, MK makes over 1 million referrals per year. Consumers need to know where to turn to find help from reputable organizations and MK provides the tools to do so. From help with paying utility bills, student loan debt, food assistance, prescription drug costs, and employment resources, MK’s easy to use applications are making a difference in consumer’s lives.



A hard working single mom loses her health and her job. She is two months behind on her mortgage payments. She wonders: will I lose my home too?


“Maria” called a free foreclosure counseling hotline, Money Management International, for assistance. Counselor Cindy Lightfoot did a thorough assessment of her client’s credit, budget and expenses, which included a delinquent mortgage and costly medications.

Extremely nervous about her mounting debt, Maria was smoking more to ease her anxiety and said she felt hopeless and helpless. She was convinced she and her family would be evicted from their home of 28 years in Cleveland, MS.


Using MK’s data, counselor Cindy found client Maria several local resources in Bolivar County, including food assistance and help paying her heating and utility bills. A local agency also made necessary repairs to her home, including a new roof and replacing faulty wiring.

Using the money savings tips and referrals provided by MK, Maria is also receiving medical assistance for her entire family, has located money-savings discounts on prescription medications, and stopped smoking as well.

Once four months behind on her mortgage, Maria’s modification is secured. She praises Cindy for working tirelessly with her lender to secure her a loan modification, reducing her monthly mortgage payments from $333 to $208 a month.

“My counselor and all the referrals have changed my life, and given me and my family a safe place to call home,” said Maria. “I am forever grateful.”