When it comes to large, complex problems, the search for simplicity sometimes leads to the search for who’s to blame.

The housing crisis, now entering its fourth year, is no exception. Did homeowners use credit unwisely? Did the financial institutions make foolish investments? Did the government ignore the warning signs and drop the ball on their role as regulator?

Yes to all…and no to all.

All are innocent. All are at fault. All at the same time.

We all want the silver bullet–the solution to the crisis that ends it quickly and finally. Sadly, despite Herculean efforts and experimenting, this hasn’t been found.

We are of the mind that solutions for homeowners may be modest and simple. For example, some folks who have used MortgageKeeper’s database to find referrals to local organizations for help have saved up to $250 per month on their monthly budgets. For some, that’s made it possible to qualify for a loan modification, pay their current mortgage, heat their home, or feed their families.

Many mortgage companies have solutions out there that are working. The government is re-tooling their efforts. And homeowners are learning that if it is too good to be true, it probably is. No doubt the lessons we are learning will make us stronger, and while they might not end the housing crisis with one blow, perhaps with many small steps we’ll all end it together.