SpringFour is proud to report out on our partnership with U.S. Bank. This partnership is a model for how financial institutions can engage their customers to provide financial health resources and see benefits for their customers, their employees and the bottom line for the bank.

SpringFour and U.S. Bank first partnered in October of 2016 to bring local financial health resources to their mortgage customers. They have seen impressive results. Click here to read the full report.

U.S. Bank recognized that their mortgage customers who were in distress needed additional assistance. They wanted a solution that could not only help address the root causes behind their borrowers’ financial distress, but could also be provided by customer service Agents within the Bank. SpringFour provided an opportunity to utilize technology to easily assist customers across the country.

Not only has U.S. Bank been able to provide assistance to their customers, but they have also seen great benefits for the Bank. U.S. Bank has seen benefits in enhanced customer service experience, increased participation in foreclosure prevention activities, and increased repayment rates.

The partnership has already received recognition as a finalist for the BAI Global Innovation Award in the Breakthrough Collaboration in Financial Services Category.

“S4desktop empowers our agent effectiveness beyond traditional collections and workout strategies. With the additional help of local resources, our customers are more likely to gain control of their expenses and overcome financial difficulty.” –Scott Rodeman, SVP, U.S. Bank Mortgage Servicing, Default Operations

SpringFour is extremely proud of our partnership with U.S. Bank. To learn more about how you can bring these benefits to your customers and your company, contact us. We’d love to talk to you.