6,000 referrals were made in the month of March by one of MortgageKeeper’s newest subscribers, HomeFree-USA. Based in Maryland, HomeFree-USA is a National HUD Intermediary and its 60+ affiliate counseling agencies are participating in a sponsorship agreement between MK and Wells Fargo to provide counseling agencies with access to MKDesktop.

When HomeFree-USA first started using MKDesktop late last year, their utilization rate was typical of a new subscriber. But, they wanted to do better for their counselors and for their clients. HomeFree-USA understands that in order better serve their clients, counselors need to provide quality, up-to-date resources that can help address the cash flow challenges that their clients face.

So HomeFree-USA stepped it up. They sponsored a contest for their counselors to encourage them to use the MKDesktop solution as part of their daily workflow.

It worked. One month later, referrals were five times higher. That’s 6,000 referrals given to consumers for such household needs such as utility and prescription drug assistance, employment resources, down payment assistance, home repairs, and more.

“Clearly the needs of our clients are being met with MKDesktop, but it also makes our job easier and allows us to serve people better. That makes our counselors happy,” said Marcia Griffin, CEO at HomeFree-USA.