Yes. We admit it.

The MortgageKeeper team has had a long love affair with foreclosure counseling. Some our best clients are counseling agencies. And some of us have even been counselors ourselves.

Unbiased on this subject, we are not.

So don’t be surprised that we are issuing a loud “amen” to a recent article from DSNews. It highlights a NeighborWorks America study saying that counseling lowers redefault rates–that folks counseled through the National Foreclosure Mitigation Counseling Program are more than 67% more likely to be current on their loans 9 months after loan modification.

Now, the usual argument against counseling is that it is a costly way to save struggling homeowners. But if a homeowner gets out of default quickly and remains on track afterwards…isn’t it worth the costs involved?

The combination of a personal touch + access to local resources is a one-two punch that helps to develop a sustainable household budget for struggling homeowners–the first step to staying in a home and staying current on a loan.

This seems to be worth supporting.