If you’re familiar with SpringFour than you know that we provide a convenient platform used by professionals at large financial institutions and nationwide non-profits to find vetted local resources that can help their clients through financial challenges.

But did you know that Springfour is also used by dozens of local non-profits everyday?

Why would a small non-profit working in only one neighborhood or city need to use SpringFour?

Glad you asked.

Providing local resources for local non-profits

All of us at SpringFour have worked in fast paced non-profit housing organizations, where the main focus day in and day out is finding a client the help they need. So we understand the importance of having the names and phone numbers of partner organizations at your fingertips. Now instead of keeping a list in their files or sticky notes on their desktop, non-profit professionals can quickly pull up information for their client in S4desktop.

With all of its easy to use features and timesaving simplicity, S4desktop is only useful if the information presented is relevant for the professional using it. To make sure smaller organizations have the information they need, our data team is committed to offering dozens of vetted resources in each of their communities, adding hundred of new resources each year.

Where do we get all that data? Well, we like to go to the source when possible.

That’s way we partner with our non-profit subscribers to make sure they have the resources they need. And sometimes, we get a little creative.

Partnering with Subscribers

This summer we partnered with HomeFree USA and created a contest for the local housing counseling organizations in their HUD-Intermediary Affiliate Network. The goal of the contest was to increase SpringFour resources in the local communities where these organizations operate to strengthen the offerings and boost usage. Thanks to the great efforts of all the participants and hard work of Senior Manager of Affiliate Network Programs at HomeFree, Etta Midgett, we were able to collect information on hundreds of programs that we may not have otherwise known about.

Offering something in exchange

We recognize that these are busy organizations on tight budgets that prefer to spend their time serving their clients in need. To make it worthwhile for the participants, we offered two prizes for the organizations that submitted the most quality resources. SpringFour gifted an IPad to the winner, Neighborhood House Inc. of Wilmington, Delaware. Marcia Griffin, CEO of HomeFree generously donated a $500 travel voucher to attend the “Reaching Millions, Leadership in Housing Training” Conference that went to the runner up, Community Link of Charlotte. Each of the suggestions submitted was carefully reviewed by the SpringFour data team and added to our database of over 10,000 resources.

Judging by the thousands of referrals made by HomeFree affiliates this summer, counselors and staff are seeing the time saving benefits of logging into S4desktop, quickly searching the 25 categories, and emailing information to their clients.

If you are a S4desktop subscriber and would like to see a resource in your community added, please let us know by contacting datamanager@springfour.cc

If you know of a local non-profit that is ready to tear up that spreadsheet and throw away those sticky notes, contact us at sales@springfour.cc.

In fact any organization, large or small, can have a huge impact on the financial health of their customers or employees. Find out how at www.springfour.cc

Cassandra Compton, VP of Data Integrity and User Experience

SpringFour, Inc.