We’ve been inspired recently by former British prime minister Tony Blair, who when he first took office described his priorities as “Education, education, education.” He made good on his promise, raising per pupil funding 48%, adding 35,000 teachers, and raising teaching pay 18%.

In this country, we find that education is not always lifting its students higher, but rather saddling them with tremendous debt that siphons off much of the money they make during their early earning years. Some are forecasting a student loan crisis that may rival the recent housing crisis in this country.

This is why we at MK are enthusiastic about StudentLoanHelp.org, a new initiative sponsored by the Student Loan Alliance.

The site brings together student loan counselors (many of whom are MK counseling clients) to support those whose education left them struggling financially. It offers online loan advice and assistance, and gives practical, actionable options for those in need.

So a tip of the MK hat to this new initiative, which proves that education should lift us up–not drive us down.