Sometimes it’s hard not to judge the world by what you see around you. Case in point: in Minneapolis, where a few of us MortgageKeeper folks live, the economy seems to be improving–considerably. Homes that have had “for sale” signs in the yard for two or even three winters are now boasting shiny new “SOLD” hangers. More and more “help wanted” signs are finding their way into shop windows. Things seem to be moving along.

But new findings show that the nation’s 100 largest metros are suffering from more foreclosures–not fewer. Judicial back-up, temporary delays, and–yes–the economy, are all blamed.

We are pleased the MortgageKeeper is keeping pace with the needs of metros across the United States. Our data team recently added local, vetted referrals for Bakersfield, Stockton, and Santa Ana, California; Colorado Springs, Colorado; and Tulsa, Oklahoma. Here’s hoping that our help won’t be needed…but we are there if needs arise.