We work hard here in the MK Blog Department to give you insights into the housing and mortgage industry. But today, we thought we’d give you some insight into our company.

A good place to start is by taking a look at our latest razzle-dazzle–a new release of MKDesktop. The brand new version 2.0 is demonstrated here via video by our dedicated VP of Sales. You’ll see how MKDesktop 2.0 gives housing counselors, single points of contact agents (SPOCs), customer service reps–anyone who offers a helping hand to those in need–a tool that gives them super powers.

MKDesktop gives reps lists of vetted, best in class, completely reputable nonprofit and government agencies who are in the business of easing the path for struggling homeowners. In most cases, these uber-helpful agencies are located within a few miles of the homeowner in need. On top of that, these referrals can lead to monthly savings of $100-$400 for the homeowner. (Sounds pretty super, doesn’t it?) It’s a great tool for any agent arsenal.

In fact, users have called it “invaluable” and “a total game changer.”

See for yourself.